Spyro Year Of The Dragon Gameshark Cheats


Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.

Mod Chip Enable Code Version 1
D007AF6C 023A
8007AF6E 1000
D0078464 0008
80078466 2400
Mod Chip Enable Code Version 2
D007AEE4 000A
8007AEE6 1000
D0078464 0008
80078466 2400
Infinite Health Cheat
800705A8 0003
Infinite Lives Cheat
8006C784 0004
Press L1 For Moon Jump Cheat
D007143A FBFF
11070330 0100
Infinite Missiles Vs. Shark Sub Cheat
80162330 0063
Easy Win Vs. Shark Sub Cheat
D01623B40 0010
801623B40 0001
Easy Win Mushroom Speedway Time Attack Cheat
D006FA58 0001
8006FA58 0008
D006FA58 0008
8006FA5C 0008
D006FA58 0008
8006FA60 0008
D006FA58 0008
8006FA64 0008
Easy Win Mushroom Speedway Race Cheat
D006FA78 0000
8006FA78 0003
148 Eggs Cheat
8006C660 0094
Plenty Of Gems Cheat
8006C71C 3A98
All Sunrise Springs Gems
80071A10 0190
All Sunny Villa Gems
80071A14 0190
All Cloud Spires Gems
80071A18 0190
All Seashell Shore Gems
80071A20 0190
All Mushroom Speedway Gems
80071A24 0190
All Shela's Alp Gems
80071A28 0190
All Midday Garden Home Gems
80071A34 0190
All Icy Peak Gems
80071A38 01F4
All Enchanted Towers Gems
80071A3C 01F4
All Spooky Swamp Gems
80071A40 01F4
All Bamboo Terrace Gems
80071A44 01F4
All Country Speedway Gems
80071A48 0190
All Sgt. Byrd's Base Gems
80071A4C 01F4
All Evening Lake Home Gems
80071A58 0190
All Frozen Alter Gems
80071A5C 0258
All Lost Fleet Gems
80071A60 0258
All Fireworks Factory Gems
80071A64 0258
All Charmed Ridge Gems
80071A68 0258
All Honey Speedway Gems
80071A6C 0190
All Bentley's Outpost Gems
80071A70 0258
All Midnight Mountain Home Gems
80071A7C 0190
All Crystal Island Gems
80071A80 02BC
All Desert Ruins Gems
80071A84 02BC
All Haunted Tomb Gems
80071A84 02BC
All Dino Mines Gems
80071A8C 02BC
All Harbor Speedway Gems
80071A90 0190
All Agent 9's Lab Gems
80071A94 02BC
All Crawdad Farm Gems
80011A30 00C8
All Spider Town Gems
80071A54 00C8
All Starfish Reef Gems
80071A78 00C8
All Bugbot Factory Gems
80071A9C 00C8
All SuperBonus Round Gems
80071AA0 1388