Tomb Raider Chronicles Gameshark Cheats


Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.

Hold Jump To Fly Cheat
D00A603A 7FFF
801D2124 FFF1
Infinite Flares Cheat
800A732E FFFF
Infinite Large Medipacks Cheat
800A732A FFFF
Infinite Small Medipacks Cheat
800A732A FFFF
Have Laser Sight Cheat
300A730B 0001
Have Revolver Cheat
300A730A 0001
Have Crowbar Cheat
800A730E 0001
Infinite Revolver Ammo Cheat
800A7334 FFFF
Infinite Shotgun Ammo Cheat
800A7336 FFFF
Infinite Wide Shot Shotgun Ammo Cheat
800A7338 FFFF
Infinite HK Ammo Cheat
800A733A FFFF
Infinite Grappling Gun Ammo Cheat
800A733C FFFF
Infinite Uzi Ammo Cheat
800A7332 FFFF