WWF Warzone Gameshark Cheats

Version 1.0

Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.

IMPORTANT NOTE! There are 2 versions of WWF Warzone so if these Gameshark cheat codes don't work try these:
WWF Warzone Gameshark Cheats Version 1.1 Playstation
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Slow Motion
8005F2B4 F23C
Hyper Mode
800610F8 F32C
Bootup Increase
800612A0 0000
Infinite Match Time Cheat
80077C24 0A80
Infinite Outer Ring Time Cheat
800D68D0 0375
Create Topless Female Wreslter Cheat
800B4AD8 0001
800B4ADA 0F06
800B6018 0005
Open Cheat Menu Cheats
Note: To use these you must open the cheat menu with the access cheat menu code on the WWF Warzone Cheats page.
Unlock All Features
8007A0F0 07FF
8007A0F2 1000
Unlock All Modes
8007A0F4 3FFF
8007A0F6 2000
Player 1 Cheats
Invincible Cheat
800D69F8 FFFF
Can't Be Counted Out Cheat
800D6988 0000
Always Stunned Code
800D6934 2394
Can't Be Stunned Cheat
800D6934 0000
Strength Increase Cheat
800D69CC 0000
Super Strength Cheat
800D69F4 63CC
Super Speed Cheat
800D69FC 28CC
Player 2 Cheats
Can't Be Counted Out Cheat
800F69AC 0000
Always Stunned Code
800F6958 2394
Can't Be Stunned Cheat
800F6958 0000
Strength Increase Cheat
800F69F0 0000
Player 3 Cheat
Infinite Health Cheat
80102D44 0000
80103038 00EF
Player 4 Cheat
Infinite Health Cheat
8011380C 0000
80113B00 00EF
Player Creation Cheats
Infinite Attribute Points Cheat
800B64F4 0000
Max Strength
800B6280 0032
Max Toughness
800B6282 0032
Max Speed
800B6284 0032
Max Recovery
800B6286 0032
Max Charisma
800B6288 0032