Xena Warrior Princess Gameshark Cheats


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Invincibilty Cheat
800F0CC2 016F
800F0CDC 0001
No Enemies Cheat
300F2774 00FF
Super Xena
800F1136 02F5
Have Max Armor Upgrades
300F2785 0063
Have Max Sword Upgrades
300F2786 0063
Item Cheats
Have Life Potion
800FC0A8 0001
Have Homing Chakra
800FC0F0 0001
Have Fire Weapon
800FC114 0001
Have Inviniciblity
800FC138 0001
Have Ice Weapon
800FC15C 0001
Have Harp
800FC180 0001
Have Resurrection Jewel
300F277C 0001
Have Unlock Key
300F277D 0001
Have Max Life Potions
300F277E 00FF
Have Max Homing Chakra
300F2780 00FF
Have Max Fire Weapon
300F2781 00FF
Have Max Inviniciblity
300F2782 00FF
Have Max Ice Weapon
300F2783 00FF
Have Max Harp
300F2784 00FF
Have Max Scrolls
300F277A 0063
Max Chakra
300F1135 0064
Have Max Lightning Weapon
300F277F 00FF
After Level Stats Cheats
All Hostages Saved Cheat
300F2776 00FF
255 Kills
300F2775 00FF
Saved 255 Hostages
300F2777 00FF
Got 255 Items
800F2778 FFFF
Have 42 Scrolls
300F277B 002A
Access All Levels With First Save Cheat
800F123C 0009
All Scrolls With First Save
800F26C0 FFFF
800F26C2 FFFF
Have Max Ending Stats With First Save
Note: You must have Gameshark version 2.2 or better for this cheat code to work.
50005002 0000
800F26C4 FFFF