Xenogears Cheats


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Lahan Well Items
In Lahan jump into the well over and over again and you will find different items. Including an Eyeball, Aquasol S, Power Ring, and a Chill.
Quickly Get In Your Gears
When on the world map or anywhere that Gears can be used, Press L2+R2 to quickly change from Human to Gear form.
Free Gear Repairs
In the Secret Base where Goliath is, and you are fighting the gears with the mechanics that repair them kill the gears but don't hurt the mechanics. With the gears dead allow the mechanics to attack you instead they will fix your gear. They will eventually begin really attacking you.
Lower Prices In Beldavik Market
When you are shopping in the Beldavik Market, the merchant will ask if you want to buy or not. If you don't choose anything, and just wait the merchant will offer a lower price. If you do this to many times the merchant will tell you to leave.