Pokemon Snap Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.
Attention!! You must have a Gameshark version 2.41 or better for these cheat codes to work. And you must use the Diddy Kong Racing Keycode!

Enable Code Must Be On!
DE000400 0000
F103D8A0 2400
Have All Levels Cheat
810C2212 0006
Rapid Fire Apples & PesterBalls Cheat
80382CB7 0000
Have Apple Cheat
803AE51F 0001
Have Apple & Bomb Cheat
803AE51F 0002
Have Apple, Bomb & Flute Cheat
803AE51F 0004
Press L To Stop On Beach Level
D00489E1 0020
802020F5 0001
Press L To Stop On Tunnel Level
D00489E1 0020
801DDC55 0001
Press L To Stop On Volcano Level
D00489E1 0020
801FC5C5 0001
Press L To Stop On River Level
D00489E1 0020
801EF96D 0001
Press L To Stop On Cave Level
D00489E1 0020
80202225 0001
Press L To Stop On Valley Level
D00489E1 0020
801D9ABD 0001
View Entire Introduction Fully + Various In-Game Effects Code
81049C7E 025A