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Updated 08/01/01

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If you love sim racers instead of fun arcade racers then these cheats are right up your alley. Win any race you want, and have more money than you can spend. Maybe they'll make one of these games for the PS3 someday.
Unlock all of the classicly horrible Hanna Barbara characters in this classicly horrible shovelware racing game.
Keep your water bombs stocked and your damage low with the latest gameshark codes for this airlift rescue game.
Bring out your inner beast in this third installment of the floundering fighting series. Modify the way the game plays, access any character, and unlock extra modes.
Get a little help on your way through this epic RPG quest to defeat the evil Xelpherpolis using codes for fast leveling, maxing out your stats, and no random battles.
Rugby? If you're a proper American you shouldn't have any idea what this game is, but if you're a european or something then please enjoy these latest gameshark codes for EA's Rugby.