Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons Of Liberty Demo Gameshark Cheats


Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.

Enable Code Must Be On!
ECB79FF8 1456E60A
Full Clip Cheat
3CB15160 1456E79C
Infinite Rations Cheat
3CBB523E 1456E7A2
Infinite M9 Cheat
4CBB53CE 1456E788
Infinite USP Cheat
4CBB53D4 1456E788
Infinite SOCOM Cheat
4CBB53D2 1456E788
Infinite FA-MAS Cheat
4CBB53D8 1456E788
Infinite Bandage Cheat
3CBB5246 1456E7A2
Infinite Diazepam Cheat
3CBB524A 1456E7A2
One Hit Kills Olga Cheat
4DE8B5AC 1456E7A6
Press R1 For Snake To Vanish Code
4CBDD858 1456E7A5
Have Box B
3CBB5278 1456E7A6
Have Box C
3CBB5276 1456E7A6
Have C Box Dry
3CBB5268 1456E7A6
Have Box Wet
3CBB527C 1456E7A6
Have V Sensor
3CBB527A 1456E7A6
Have Enemy Uniform
3CBB5250 1456E7A6
Have C4
4CBB53E2 1456E781
Have ST Camera
4CBB53E8 1456E79F
Have Grenades
4CBB5300 1456E781
Have Chaff Grenade
4CBB53EC 1456E7A1
Have Stun Grenade
4CBB53EA 1456E7A1
4CBB5262 1456E7A6
4CBB5266 1456E7A6
Infinite Grip
4DD121CC 1456E89D
Empty Mags
4CBB53FA 1456E781