Ring Of Red Gameshark Cheats


Click here if you don't know what a Gameshark is.

Enable Code Must Be On!
EC8782F4 1456E60A
Infinite Health Cheat
4C597F04 1456E6B9
Easy Kills Cheat
4C5A8320 1456E7A5
99.99% Accuracy Cheat
4C597F8E 145624A5
Maximum Special Shells Cheats
4C597F1E 1456E79F
Infinite Specials Cheat
4C597F20 1456E79F
Always Loaded Cheat
1C597F98 1456E7A5
No Enemy Troops Cheat
4C5A8230 1456E7A5
4C5A8234 1456E7A5
4C5A8238 1456E7A5
Friendly Troops Infinite Health Cheat
4C597F14 1456E78D
4C597F18 1456E78D
4C597F1C 1456E78D