Star Fox 64 Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Cheats / Secrets
Expert Mode, And Sound Test
To get the Expert Mode, and the sound test you must get the medals on the 15 main levels. In order to get a medal on a level, you must beat the stage with a specific number of hits (or more) and all of your wingmen alive. Here is the number of hits needed on each level to get a medal:
Corneria - 150
Katina - 150
Solar - 100
Macbeth - 150
Venom - 200
Meteo - 200
Fortuna - 50
Sector X - 150
Titania - 150
Bolse - 150
Sector Y - 150
Aquas - 150
Zoness - 250
Sector Z - 100
Area 6 - 300
Tanks In Versus Mode
To get the tanks in VS mode just get a medal on Venom then when you start a VS battle there should be a screen that pops up just before you start that lets you choose between the normal ship and the tank.
Move The '64' On The Title Screen
After you beat the game using any path, reset the machine and when you see the characters start to talk on the title screen, just use the analog Control Stick to move the 64 around.
Characters On Foot In Versus Mode
To be able to play as Fox, Falco, Slippy, or Peppy on foot in the Vs mode, go the harder route in Expert Mode, and get a medal on Venom.
Sector Z Ship Repair Cheat
To get your ship repaired in Sector Z just fly into the back of Great Fox.
Fight A Star Wolf Team Ship In Training Mode
When you are in training mode get 100 hits (or more) and when you're in the free flight mode a Star Wolf team ship will fight you, and come back every time you kill it. It's not as hard as the real Star Wolf team members to kill, but is still kinda cool.
Level Warps
Zoness To Sector Z
In Zoness, if you shoot down all the spotlights on the stage, you then go to Sector Z when you complete the stage.
Macbeth To Area 6
When you hit the last leg of the stage, shoot the 8 red pillars with metal direction flags on them so they turn green. Keep a very careful eye out for them. If you went to Zoness before MacBeth, Cat will come and help you shoot the switches. At the end, where the switchboard light is, a switch will appear. Quickly shoot it and the track will move to the right. Now the boss crashes and dies giving you a 50 hit bonus, and that takes you to Area 6.
Sector Y To Aquas
All you have to do is get a score of 100 or higher in Sector Y to get to Aquas.
Sector X To Sector Z
In Sector X, keep left at all times. You will eventually hit an area where you have to quickly destroy white gates to pass through them. Destroy and pass through all of them to warp.
Meteo To Katina
Near the end of the Meteo Field, you should see rings made up of triangles pointing inward. Go through one and you jet forward in a barrel roll. Go through all of them and it will make you go fast enough to warp to Katina.
Sector X To Titania
At the end of Sector X, shoot the head off the boss. When he starts to fight you again don't shoot him, dodge him, and let Slippy come in. He will get hit by him and fall to Titania. Kill the boss and Titania is your next stage.
Sector X To Macbeth
At the end of Sector X, shoot the head off the boss, then shoot at the thing that was under his head to kill him as fast as you can so Slippy doesn't try to kill him if you kill him fast enough you will go to Macbeth.
Corneria To Sector Y
In Corneria, when Falco is being attacked by three ships, help him by killing the ships. When you get to the water part with the rock arches, go under every arch. Then head right into the waterfall. Falco will guide you to an alternate boss, which, when defeated, takes you to Sector Y.