Star Fox 64 Gameshark Cheats

Version 1.0
Nintendo 64

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Important Note: These Gameshark codes work with version 1.0 of Star Fox 64 to see which version you have just try one of these cheat codes and if it doesn't work try the
version 1.1 Star Fox 64 Gameshark codes.

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Infinite Lives Cheat
80157911 0009
Infinite Bombs Cheat Code
8016DC13 0004
Always Have Dual Blue Lasers Cheat
8015791B 0002
Stops Players Laser Shots Code
8015791B 0040
Infinite Armor Cheat
8013AB27 00FF
80137C47 00FF
Falco Has Infinite Armor Cheat Code
8016D727 00FF
Peppy Has Infinite Armor Cheat Code
8016D72F 00FF
Slippy Has Infinite Armor Cheat Code
8016D72B 00FF
Start With 1 Gold Ring Cheat
80157904 0040
Start With 2 Gold Rings Cheat
80157904 0041
999 Kills Code
80157907 0040
80157909 0040