Star Wars Rogue Squadron Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Always Pass Mission Cheat
80130B14 0001
Have 99 Bonus Collected Cheat
80130B87 0063
Access All Levels And Ships Cheat
80130B4D 007E
Infinite Health Cheat
81137E7C 4316
Infinite Lives Cheat
80130B10 0008
Infinite Secondary Weapons Cheat
8010CA32 0008
99 Kills Cheat
80130B85 0063
99 Saves Cheat
80130B86 0063
Completion Time 00:00 Cheat
81130B73 0000
100% Accuracy Cheat
80130B80 0064
Last Objective Done Cheat
80130B15 0008
Have All Power Ups Cheat
80130B4E 00FF
Quick Armor Regeneration Cheat
81137E7E FFFF
Press Right C For Invisible Ship Cheat
D0130B89 0001
80139563 0012
All Lasers Do No Damage For Everyone Cheat
8005CB01 0021
Press Gameshark Button For All Gold Medals Won On Level Cheats
Ambush At Mos Eisley Code
88130B1C 0003
Rendezvous On Bankhesh Code
88130B1D 0003
The Search For The Noonnah Code
88130B1E 0003
Defection At Corellia Code
88130B1F 0003
Liberation V Code
88130B20 0003
The Jade Moon Code
88130B21 0003
Imperial Construction Yard Code
88130B22 0003
Assault On Kile II Code
88130B23 0003
Rescue On Kessel Code
88130B24 0003
Prisons On Kessel Code
88130B25 0003
Battle Above Taloraan Code
88130B26 0003
Escape From Fest Code
88130B27 0003
Blockade On Chandrila Code
88130B28 0003
Raid On Sullust Code
88130B29 0003
Moff Seerdon's Revenge Code
88130B2A 0003
The Battle Of Calamari Code
88130B2B 0003
Beggar's Canyon Code
88130B2C 0003
The Death Star Trench Run Code
88130B2D 0003
Battle Of Hoth Code
88130B2E 0003