Super Mario 64 Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Moon Jump Cheat
Note: While playing Press L to go as high as you want then let go to fall
D033AFA1 0020
8133B1BC 4220
D033B1BD 0020
8133B17C 0300
D033B1BD 0020
8133B17E 0880
Infinite Lives Cheat
8033B21D 0064
Infinite Energy And Breath Cheat
8133B21E 08FF
Always Have Flying Mario Code
8133B176 0019
Always Have Invisible Mario Cheat
8133B176 0012
Always Have Metal Mario Code
8133B176 0015
Always Have Flying, And Metal Mario Cheat
8133B176 001C
Always Have Flying, Metal And Invisible Mario Code
8133B176 001E
Level Select Cheat
A032D58C 0001
High Falls Don't Hurt Or Slow You Down Code
8033B22C 00D1
Debug Mode Code
A032D598 0001
Sound Display Code
A032D594 0001
No Power Display Code
803325F4 0001
Half Mario Code
8033B221 0000
Limbo Mario Code
8033B3BC 00C0
Mario Runs Backwards Code
8033B3BC 0080
Walk Up Hills Cheat Code
A1253DAC 0000
A1253DAE 0000
A1253DB0 0000
A1253DB2 0000
Remove Mario's Cap Code
A1254A30 0000
A1254A32 0000
Monsters Don't Hurt Mario Cheat
A125460C 240B
A125460E FFFF
A1254610 A54B
A1254612 0026
A1254614 1000
A1254616 000C
Big Right Hand Code
8033B3BB 0010
Big Right Foot Code
8033B3BB 0090
Growing/Shrinking Left Fist Code
8033B3BB 0050
Mario Runs Bent over Code
8033B3BC 0050
Bounce Off Walls Code
8133B174 FFFF
Puffs Of Dust Always Coming Out Of Mario Code
8133B178 FFFF
Smoke And Stars Always Coming Out Of Mario Code
8133B17A FFFF
Press Gameshark Button For 99 Coins Cheat Code
8933B218 0063
Infinite Hat Usage Code
8133B226 FFFF