Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Cheats

Nintendo 64

Click here for Turok Dinosaur Hunter Gameshark Cheats Version 1.0
Click here for Turok Dinosaur Hunter Gameshark Cheats Version 1.1
Fly Mode/No Clipping Cheat Code
LKMBRD: You can fly up and down by pressing L or R and you can walk through walls, bad guys, etc.
The Big Cheat Code
NTHGTHDGDCRTDTRK: Gives you Invincibility, All Weapons, Unlimited Ammo, Infinite Lives, Full Map, Big Heads, Level Skip, Warp you to Campaigner, Mantis, Long Hunter, and T-Rex.
Robins Cheat Code
RBNSMTH: Gives you the options for Invincibility, Big Heads, All Weapons, Unlimited Ammo, and Credits
Dana Mode Cheat Code
DNCHN: Small enemies (just as deadly)
Greg Mode Cheat Code
GRGCHN: Same as Robins Cheat but no invincibility (kinda pointless when you have robins cheat)
Spirit Mode Cheat
THSSLKSCL: Makes you Invincible with slow motion and changing colors
All Weapons Cheat Code
CMGTSMMGGTS: All weapons
Infinite Ammo Cheat Code
BLLTSRRFRND: Infinite ammo
Infinite lives Cheat Code
FRTHSTHTTRLSCK: Infinite lives
Disco Mode Cheat Code
SNFFRR: Gives you disco lights and dancing enemies that don't fight back
Pen & Ink Mode Cheat Code
DLKTDR: Makes everything look like an uncolored drawing
Credits Cheat Code
FDTHMGS: View the credits
Gallery Cheat Code
THBST: Lets you look at all the bad guys and zoom in and rotate them
Show Enemies On Map Cheat Code
NSTHMNDNT: Shows the enemies as red arrows on the map
Strange Colors Cheat Code
LLTHCLRSFTTHRNB: Strange colors duh
Quack Mode Cheat Code
CLLTHTNMTN: Crappy pixelation and glitches