Turok 2 Seeds Of Evil Cheats

Nintendo 64

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For those of you that can't get the big cheat to work it DOES work you are entering it wrong or forgetting to press the enter symbol in the lower right hand corner after entering the cheat.

Open The Door In The River Of Souls
In the River Of Souls to open the door with the Red Life Force Tokens and an Ultra Health in it at the end of the dinosaur riding part, all you have to do is this: When you're riding on the dinosaur, if you look up at they sky, in some areas there will be tall towers with a rounded roof. There are four of these. You have to shoot them about three times, then you'll hear a cracking sound and then the tower will collapse. When you have destroyed all of the towers, it will say "Door Open" and then you can go get the goodies.
Floating Mines
Turn on infinite ammo and all weapons then take the P.F.M. Layer and keep shooting over and over eventually one of the mines should float.
Play In Co-op Mode Cheat
This cheat can be much improved with a Gameshark cheat go to the Turok 2 Gameshark Cheats page for the cheat.
You must first earn the warp cheat (or get it with the big cheat), then begin a Multi-player blood lust game. During the Multi-player game Press Start then go to cheats, and warp to the level you want. Some levels with the cut scenes before them will glitch to fix this warp to the level then warp to it again. You can now play the level together.
Blinking Badies
Warning! this can be very hard to get to work.
Using All Weapons, Infinite Ammo, and Invincibility go up to a bad guy then fire the Nuke Weapon right after it goes off throw a Sunfire Pod at the bad guy if done correctly your enemy will start covering his eyes and will not explode but will now blink until you kill him.
Really Weird Trick
When using Infinite Ammo and Invincibility if you defeat Mother or Primagen using only or mostly arrows (fill their body with arrows) in the end cut scene Turok will have a lot of GIANT arrows sticking in him.
Play As The Monkey In Single Player Cheat
Start a Multi Frag Tag Game and wait until you turn into the monkey then Press Start and select cheats then use the credits warp cheat as soon as the credits begin Press Start then get back to the Main Menu and begin a Single Player game once the Single begins you will be normal Turok for a couple seconds, but then you'll turn into the monkey.
Styracosaurus Tip
While riding the Styracosaurus you can Press R to use the smaller more acurate gun on the side, and while Holding Z to use the cannons you must keep Pressing R over and over for the small gun to fire more than once.
Cheat Codes
The Big Cheat
This gives you access to all cheats in the cheat menu.
At the Enter Cheat Menu enter BEWAREOBLIVIONISATHAND
Frooty Stripes
At the Enter Cheat Menu enter FROOTSTRIPE
Infinite Health & Ammo Cheat (Sort Of)
Incase you haven't noticed yet anyplace where health or ammo teleports in you can pick it up then walk around the nearby area for a few seconds, and more health or ammo will appear and this will keep happening as long as you need more health or ammo.
Juans Cheat
This cheat puts Juan's face on the life force pickups.
At the Enter Cheat Menu enter HEEERESJUAN
Zach Attack Cheat
This cheat puts baby faces on the life force pickups.
At the Enter Cheat Menu enter AAHGOO
Black Out Code
At the Enter Cheat Menu enter LIGHTSOUT
Big Head Mode Code
At the Enter Cheat Menu enter UBERNOODLE
Stick Men Mode Code
At the Enter Cheat Menu enter HOLASTICKBOY
Big Hands And Feet Mode Code
At the Enter Cheat Menu enter STOMPEM
Tiny Enemy Mode Code
At the Enter Cheat Menu enter PIPSQUEAK
Pen And Ink Mode Code
At the Enter Cheat Menu enter IGOTABFA
Weird Graphics Code
At the Enter Cheat Menu enter WHATSATEXTUREMAP
Bird Killing
If you shoot all of the birds in Level 1 the gate at the top of the ladder near the city will open.
Don't Get Hurt By Blood Throwers Cheat
In the second level turn off blood, and you won't be hurt by the guys that throw blood.
Earn Cheat Codes
Earn The Fruity Colors Mode Cheat
Complete level 1
Earn The Pen and Ink Mode Cheat
Complete level 2
Earn The Gouraud Mode Cheat
Complete level 3
Earn The Big Hands And Feet Cheat
Complete level 4
Earn The All Map Cheat
Complete level 5
Earn The All Guns Cheat
Complete level 6
Earn The Big Head Mode Cheat
Defeat the level 4 boss
Earn The Tiny Enemy Mode Cheat
Defeat the level 5 boss
Earn The Infinite Ammo Cheat
Defeat the level 6 boss
Earn The All Special Items Cheat
Defeat Primagen
Earn The Invincibility Cheat
Defeat Primagen Again
Earn The Infinite Lives Cheat
Defeat Primagen On Hard Difficulty