Turok Dinosaur Hunter Gameshark Cheats

Version 1.0
Nintendo 64

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Important Note: These Gameshark cheats are only for Turok Dinosaur Hunter version 1.0 to see which version you have just try one of these cheat codes and if it doesn't work try the
version 1.1 Turok Dinosaur Hunter Gameshark cheats

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Moon Jump Cheat
Note: While playing hold R to go as high as you want let go to fall.
81128E50 434C
Infinite Lives Cheat
80128E5B 00FF
Infinite Gems Code
80128E57 00FF
Have All Keys Cheat
80128D33 0007
80128D37 0007
80128D3B 0007
80128D3F 0007
80128D43 0007
80128D47 0007
80128D4B 0007
Gun Gameshark Cheat Codes
Have The Pistol Cheat
80128CF7 0001
Have The Mini Gun Code
80128D0B 0001
Have The Shotgun Cheat
80128CFB 0001
Have The Automatic Shotgun Code
80128CFF 0001
Have The Assault Rifle Cheat
80128D03 0001
Have The Pulse Rifle Code
80128D07 0001
Have The Grenade Launcher Cheat
80128D0F 0001
Have The Alien Weapon Code
80128D13 0001
Have The Quad Rocket Launcher Cheat
80128D17 0001
Have The Particle Accelerator Code
80128D1B 0001
Have The Fusion Cannon Cheat
80128D1F 0001
Have The Chronoscepter Code
80128D23 0001
Ammo Gameshark Codes
Infinite Pistol & Assault Rifle Ammo
80128CB3 00FF
Infinite Green Shell Shotgun & Auto Shotgun Ammo
80128CB7 00FF
Infinite Red Shell Shotgun & Auto Shotgun Ammo
80128CC3 00FF
Infinite Pulse Rifle, Alien Weapon & Particle Accelerator Ammo
80128CBB 00FF
Infinite Normal Arrows
80128CCF 00FF
Infinite Tek Arrows
80128CBF 00FF
Infinite Mini Gun Ammo
80128CD3 00FF
Infinite Grenade Launcher Ammo
80128CD7 00FF
Infinite Quad Rocket Ammo
80128CDB 00FF
Infinite Fusion Cannon Ammo
80128CDF 00FF
Infinite Chronoscepter Ammo
80128CE3 00FF
Cant Fire Weapons
80128E10 00FF
Activate In-Game Cheats Gameshark Codes
Have The Quack Mode In-Game Cheat
8011953E 0010
Have The Fly Mode In Game Cheat
8011953C 0008
Have Warp To Campaigner, Gallery, Show Credits, Fly Mode, & Show Enemies Cheats
80119540 00FF
Have Warp To Level 1, 2, 3, Tiny Enemy Mode, Pen & Ink Mode, Purdy Colors, Disco Mode & Quack Mode Cheats
80119542 00FF
Have Warp To Level 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Longhunter, Mantis, T-rex Cheats
80119541 00FF
Have Invincibility, Spirit Mode, All Weapons, Unlimited Ammo, Infinite Lives, All Keys, All Map, Big Head Sesh Cheats
80119543 00FF