Vigilante 8 Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Control The Blimp
In Casino City there is a blimp when it lands and the back opens up drive in you will now be able to control the blimp.
Cheat Codes
Invincibility Cheat
Use the password LIVING_FOREVER
Level Select Cheat
Use the password LEVEL_SHORTCUT
Access All Cars Except For Y The Alien Cheat
Use the password GANGS_UNLOCKED
Access The Alien Y Cheat
Use the password GIMME_DA_ALIEN
Access All Characters & Levels Cheat
Use the password JTBT7CFD1LRMGW
Missile Power Up Code
Use the password MISSILE_ATTACK
Faster Firing Weapons Cheat
Use the password FIRE_NO_LIMITS
Access Ultra High Resolution Mode Code
Use the password MAX_RESOLUTION
Be Able To Select The Same Vehicle Code
Use the password MIX_MATCH_CARS
Low Gravity Code
Use the password A_MOON_GETAWAY
No Enemies Cheat
Use the password POPULATION_OUT
Slow Motion Code
Use the password GO_REALLY_SLOW
Access Expert Mode Code
Use the password I_AM_TOUGH_GUY
See The Endings Code
Use the password LONG_SLIDESHOW
Huge Wheels Code
Use the password MONSTER_WHEELS
Earn Without Cheating
Play As Convoy
Complete Quest Mode using John Torque and Sheila.
Play As Dave
Complete Quest Mode using Chassey Blue and Slick Clyde.
Play As Molo
Complete Quest Mode using Loki and Houston 3.
Play As Sid Burn
Complete Quest Mode using Beezwax and Boogie.
Play As The Alien Named Y
Complete Quest Mode using every character.
Access Hidden Level
Complete Y's missions in Quest Mode.