Vigilante 8 Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Access All Cars & Tracks Cheat
81191298 1F1F
8119129A 1F1F
8119129C 1F1F
8119129E 1F1F
811912A0 1F1F
811912A2 1F1F
801912A4 003f
Super Abilities & Health Cheat
81181572 0F0F
Invincibility Cheat
81181572 0008
Rapid Fire Cheat
81181572 0800
Enhanced Missiles Cheat
81181572 0400
Reduced Gravity Code
81181572 0002
No Enemies Cheat
81181572 0004
Can Select The Same Car Cheat
81181572 0020
Hardest Difficulty Code
81181572 1000
Slow Motion Code
81181572 2000
Ultra Hi-Res Code
81181572 4000
Big Tires Code
81181572 0001
Invincibility & Rapid Fire Cheats
81181572 0808
Invincibility, Rapid Fire, & Enhanced Missles Cheats
81181572 0C08
Have Y The Alien Cheat
801912A4 003F
Have Slick Clyde Cheat
80191299 001F
Have Sheila Cheat
8019129A 001F
Have John Torque Cheat
8019129B 001F
Have Molo Cheat
801912A2 001F
Have Sid Burn Cheat
801912A3 001F
Have Dave Cheat
8019129C 001F
Have Loki Cheat
8019129E 001F
Have Houston 3 Cheat
8019129F 001F
Have Chassey Blue Cheat
80191298 001F
Have Convoy Cheat
8019129D 001F
Have Boogie Cheat
801912A0 001F
Have Beezway Cheat
801912A1 001F