Wave Race 64 Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Cheats And Secrets
Ride The Dolphin Cheat
In stunt mode, go to Dolphin Park, ride through all of the rings and do the following tricks:
1. Handstand
2. Backwards Spin
3. Stand with Backflip
4. Single Backflip off Ramp
5. Dive off Ramp
6. Barrell Roll off Ramp in both directions
If you did the code correctly, you'll here squeaking when you cross the finish line. And when you reset and go the title screen, you'll see people riding on dolphins.
To ride a dolphin, select Championship Race, normal mode. Hold down on the analog stick when selecting your racer. In Dolphin Park, you will ride a dolphin.
The code lasts forever and can be chosen even after you've turned off your N64.
Change Racers Colors
Go to the character select screen, and before choosing characters, push the analog stick or the D-pad up and hold it there -- the characters's outfits and jetski bikes will change in color. The number on the bikes will also change.
Get Points In Stunt Mode Easily Cheat
To get tons of points in Wave Race stunt courses, press the pause button as soon as you complete a stunt. If you do it right, all the sounds should stop except for the announcer. Usually if you press pause at the exact moment you hit the water you should be OK, but the idea is to pause it the instant the announcer starts talking (that way this cheat works with handstands, etc.). If you do it right, you should get tons of points for the simplest things.
Speed Burst
Try to press and hold down the gas button right before the announcer says, "Go!" If you are successful, you will immediately increase your top speed. It can be increased anywhere from one arrow to maximum power if you get it right.