Wave Race 64 Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Important Note: These Gameshark cheats are only for Waverace 64 version 1.0 to see which version you have just try one of these cheat codes and if it doesn't work try the
version 1.1 Waverace 64 Gameshark codes

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Course Codes
Note: These do not work in championship mode.
Always Play Dolphin Park
800DA753 0000
Always Play Sunny Beach
800DA753 0001
Always Play Sunset Bay
800DA753 0002
Always Play Drake Lake
800DA753 0003
Always Play Marine Fortress
800DA753 0004
Always Play Port Blue
800DA753 0005
Always Play Twilight City
800DA753 0006
Always Play Glacier Coast
800DA753 0007
Always Play Southern Island
800DA753 0008
Other Cheats
Always Get First Place Cheat
801C269F 0000
Player 1 Has Unlimited Misses Cheat
801C27CF 0000
Always Place First And No Laps To Race Cheat
801C269B 0003
801C29BB 0003
Infinite Time Stunt Mode Code
801C295E 00FF
Lap Timer Below 0'00'10 Cheat
811C2836 0000
Infinite Time Out Of Course Code
801C2983 00FF
99 Points
801CB0A3 0063