WCW NWO Revenge Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Play As The Managers Cheat
In One On One Exhibition select wrestlers with managers. Once the match starts Press Z on the 3rd and 4th controllers then you can control the managers.
Pick Up A Weapon
While playing leave the ring and go to the crowd and Press Up C.
Access The World Heavyweight Mode
Win the U.S. Heavyweight Belt to get World Heavyweight Mode.
Access The TV Title Mode
Win the Cruiserweight Belt to get TV Title Mode.
Access Secret Characters
Access Curt Henning
Win all nine rounds of the U.S. Heavyweight Competition to access Curt Henning.
Access Kidman
Earn the Cruiserweight Belt to access Kidman.
Access Rowdy Roddy Piper
Earn the World Heavyweight Belt to access Rowdy Roddy Piper.
Access Meng And Barbarian
Earn the Tag Team Belts.
Access THQ Man
Highlight AKI Man then Press Down C.
Access Kanyon And Mortis
Earn the TV Title to access Kanyon. Then to access Mortis highlight Kanyon and Press a C button.