WCW NWO Revenge Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Player 1 Has Super Speed Cheat
Note: When using this Gameshark cheat remember to Hold the C Button down to run faster.
D006E17C 0001
800F9D34 00F0
D006E17C 0002
800F9D34 00F0
D006E17C 0004
800F9D34 00F0
D006E17C 0008
800F9D34 00F0
D006E17D 0004
800F9D34 00F0
Access All Characters & Modes Cheat
8107F07C 3F03
Infinite Time Out Of Ring Cheat
800FACE8 0014
Infinite Time Cheat
800FAF87 0000
Player 1 Always Special Cheat
800F9D35 0008
Player 2 Always Special Cheat
800FA0E5 0008
Player 3 Always Special Cheat
800FA495 0008
Player 4 Always Special Cheat
800FA845 0008
Maximum Spirit Player 1 Cheat
800F9D25 00FF
No Spirit Player 1 Code
800F9D25 0000
Maximum Spirit Player 2 Cheat
800FA0D5 00FF
No Spirit Player 2 Code
800FA0D5 0000
Maximum Spirit Player 3 Cheat
800FA485 00FF
No Spirit Player 3 Code
800FA485 0000
Maximum Spirit Player 4 Cheat
800FA835 00FF
No Spirit Player 4 Code
800FA835 0000