WWF Warzone Gameshark Cheats

Nintendo 64

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Infinite Creation Points Cheat
80136245 0000
Maximum Strength Cheat
80135FD1 0032
Maximum Toughness Cheat
80135FD3 0032
Maximum Speed Cheat
80135FD5 0032
Maximum Recovery Points Cheat
80135FD7 0032
Maximum Charisma Cheat
80135FD9 0032
Super Slow Motion Code
800E5C25 0000
Create A Topless Female Wrestler Gameshark Code
Note: You can not save the wrestler you can only get it with the Gameshark. Nobody under 18 may use this code. :}
80135D79 0005
80134E39 0001
80134E3B 0006
Invisible Players Cheat
800E5F65 00FF
Enable All In-Game Modes & Extra Characters Cheat
8113A488 1000
8113A48A 07FF
8113A48C 2000
8113A48E 3FFF