Red Faction Guerrilla Cheats

Xbox 360

Cheat Codes
Unlock Extra Multiplayer Map Pack
Enter the code MAPMAYHEM
Golden Sledgehammer
Enter the code HARDHITTER
Achievement Unlocks
Infinite Ammo
Destroy 50 EDF flyers to earn the Freed Space achievement.
Cool Turrets
Blow up 100 small hydrogen tanks to earn the Tank Buster achievement.
Free Upgrades
Complete 50 Guerrilla Actions to earn the Freedom Fighter achievement.
Super Hammer
Kill 100 EDF with the sledgehammer in campaign mode to Earn the Best Friends Forever achievement.
Super Debris
Destroy 50 EDF owned buildings to earn the Coming Down achievement.
Maximum Morale
Liberate Oasis Sector to earn the Don't Tread On Me achievement.
No Green Alert
Complete 25 killing sprees in campaign mode to Earn the One Man Army achievement.
Maximum Technology
Liberate Mars to earn the Red Dawn achievement.
Super Sprinting
Mine every ore location to earn the Working The Land achievement.